Re-Closeable Poly Bags

Clear bags meet FDA and USDA requirements. Hang holes are available on many sizes and may be special ordered, call us for more information.

2 MIL Bags

4 MIl Bags

6 MIl Bags

White Block bags are FDA approved and perfect when labeling is a necessity as markers, rubber stamps and grease pencils can be used to permanently identify the contents.

2 MIl with White Block

4 Mil with White Block

Anti-Static The pink tint Anti-static bags are for packaging static-sensitive products. Anti-static properties will not decrease in strength no matter how many times the bag is opened, closed or reused.

4 MIl Anti-staitc

ZipTop Slider Bags The slide lock glides easily across the bag and protects contents from dirt and moisture. Durable & reusable

3 MIl